Try to put more effort into maps!

No offense, but sometimes, when I look at maps that just released (not all the time, but sometimes) they’re kind of plain. So I end up picking the maps in the “Trending” section.

These maps (most of the time) have tons of detail. If you want, you can use those maps for ideas on yours! Just make sure if you use an idea someone else made, make sure to give them some credit.

Now you might be saying, “But my map has a lot of detail and barely anyone plays it!” Don’t worry about plays. I would call my map detailed, and it’s basically impossible to search up. Just do your best, and even if others don’t care, you should. And trust me, after that work, you’ll really enjoy what you made :slight_smile:.

If you are wondering why I made this guide, there’s way too many maps like this, and it kind of clutters Discovery, and, I don’t know about you, but the better the map, the more I enjoy it.


Nice psa but we no longer use the PSA flair.

Or, you can just do that, that works as well.

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Don’t worry, I have experience with the forums.

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Great guide! Yeah I have noticed that too…

Great Guide! (sry for off topic)

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Agreed! I too click on maps that are trending or have interesting thumbnails and it’s just grass! :rage: What a waste of space! My maps don’t have many plays and I’m ok with that, so long as I know I put in effort. I am proud of my work. I am still learning and am thankful for the people in this forum that have been extremely helpful.


Most people who are on GKC aren’t on the forums.


Unless I missed it, there should be a notification when they are publishing that blank maps will be deleted to avoid clutter.