Troll Room - Ideas

I found out the cause of the lag on the Disconnection Problem Topic from mine was from the cause of wires and that stuff.

So now, i need a troll room suggestion.

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  2. The Ultimate Guide to Traps, Tricks, Pranks, and Trolls [LENGTH WARNING :smiling_imp: ]

A room where a popup says if you survive, you gain a lot of cash, but code it so it’s impossible to survive, I don’t mean making the sentries/lasers OP, don’t code a cash thing, it’s not possible to survive no matter what you skill is.

you could do the classic pop-up troll. two overlays both wired to each other, so when one closes the other opens, and you cant escape.

You could make a overlay that says “watch movie about game”, it teleports you to a movie about the game, and when the movie is done, a popup apears that says “you are trapped here” as a header and " :imp:" as a content.

Basically Walk to School in OHIO? (Roblox game.)

That is not a thing in the game I think

It technically is a troll room.

Not sure if you still need ideas but trap someone in a room with a popup with the script of the bee movie