Triggering jumpscare/going back the beginning event

So, basically, I’ve made a game almost completely resembling FNAF in its mechanics. I’ve built copies of the same “animatronic” around the map and there is an object to cover it (I’m lazy lol). When it moves to a position, the object covering the “animatronic” at that position will disappear, making it “seem” like it moved.

Anyway, so I’m wondering (I have one right next to the door), how can I make its movement depend on whether the door is closed or not. To explain, if the door is closed, after a few seconds, animatronic moves back to the 1st position. If the door is open, there are a few seconds before a “jumpscare” is triggered.

Also, how could I do a jumpscare?

I’m not publishing my map btw

you would use a property to store if the door is closed or opened and then use a checker to broadcast on different channels

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so i can’t really tell you the full way, but there is a way for a jumpscare.
wire a zone to a teleporter, then put a box where the teleporter will be.
add emoji pixelart or something like maybe a sentry.

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