Trash Collecting Mission

How do i make a trash collection mission, just like in farmchain?

Could you explain what happens? It’s been a while since I’ve played,

Basically, you go to the Junkyard in farmchain, and when you go there, it’ll let you start a trash collecting mission. When you start it, a plastic water bottle will appear on 2 random spots on the map and the waypoint helps you by locating it and bringing it to you.

Oh, that.
Button Pressed? → Activate Waypoint

Yeah, but what i need is for the plastic water bottle to appear (you can pick it up, then the waypoint and the button will deactivate, and the water bottle gets collected)

Button Pressed → Deactivate Waypoint
Button Pressed → Grant Item (Water Bottle)

If you go to the trash pile (around northeast to the spawn point) and start the trash collecting mission, it activates a waypoint and shows a water bottle.
If you go over to that water bottle and pick it up (actually press the button), you get one water (item) which you can use to get more water from the well (actually you need 2 of the water item).
You could do this with a few buttons, a waypoint, a prop/text device for the trash/water bottle and some randomizer code (preferably a notification because it’s the cheapest block-coding device).
In the blockcode, make the randomizer broadcast a message on channel to activate the button and show the text device/prop.

If you can use concatenation, use it.

I do need some help, and it’s with the water emoji thing. I’m trying to find one that looks like it’s from gimkit, but i don’t know how.

Also, what’s concatenation?

Use items/ Water

What about for the text device?

This? :droplet:
Also i solved ur other topic

Great minds think alike.


GimSolver, you can’t put icons in the text device.

Here’s a brief overview on concatenation:
Concatenation, or concat for short is something Zypheir discovered in ClicClac’s ___Land guide (post 16).
Here’s a picture:

Insted of using an else-if loop, you can just broadcast a message on channel “Trash” followed by the variable name.
For example, if the randomizer chooses 5, it will broadcast on Trash5 or whatever the number rolled was.
However in Zypheir’s post though, he added a

Set Text | Create Text With [Variable]

block but that isn’t needed for this situation because we don’t need to display what number was rolled.

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This is pretty good, Haiasi. Please mark a solution for this topic.

I still need to test these to see if it’ll work.

Man, it’s getting hard…

I still can’t find a emoji with a water bottle.

:cup_with_straw: sorry, not much else…

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If you can’t find anything, then you could always do :baby_bottle:

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A baby bottle?

I guess there’s no choice…

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