Tower Defense Help For GKC

I need help brainstorming a way to put down different types of towers in different spots. I also need help making it so the invading team comes in waves and not randomly also I need help with how long the defending team has at the beginning to build towers and how they get money to buy towers.

Use Vending Machines that Activate Sentries and a Starting Inventory device?
Oh, and a repeater.

What other mechanics are you struggling with?

What I kinda wanted to do, even though it will take a while, is make upgrades with game overlays that pop up once you get close to where the tower can go and disappear after you go away.

One thing that I noticed was that you can make sentries attack each other when on different teams. This means that you could make a vending machine let you purchase “towers” or sentries.

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No. I was going to have 2 teams. 1 team to defend and 1 team to attack.

I’d suggest using props for the enemies to conserve more memory as the enemy units don’t need to attack your towers (like in bloons!)

No 1 team is running through and trying to make it to the end while the other is buying towers. btw nobody is going to have weapons.

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What if the other team doesn’t go on the set path though?

There are walls around the track. Oh how are sentry’s going to shoot through walls?

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Prop damage.

Yeah, but like what if they won’t move through it though?
(Jeez, four people replying)


make the walls non-collidable?

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Maybe I can get rid of walls where sentrys go and put invisible barriers that are only on for the attacking team

I don’t think you can do that.

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yeah, you can, its in the settings of the prop, right?

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Well, you would need to make separate chambers for each player on the attacking team so that you can control how many players can go in waves (maybe with Player IDs). You would need to surround the path with team-scoped barriers or lasers so that the attacking team stays on the path. You would also need a lot of vending machines and teamed sentries to defend against the attacking team.

I thought you were talking about the walls?

yeah, I was

OHHHHH you guys meant by walls like terrain not props

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