Tower Defense Brainstorming

I guess, but that’s going to be frustrating if you publish it.


Yeah, but that’s really the only way to make other players to be the enemies. So it’s not what I’m thinking about.


True, but if they stand still they will be shot.

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We can solve this by using the sentries bullets to urge them forward.

Maybe you could make a way so that a few players are enemies and other players, which are another team, can buy sentries to defend!

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We could have a few people be players and buy the towers, and the rest of the people will be enemies. You could also sub out every 3-5 rounds so people don’t feel like they are getting left out.

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That’s not a lot of blocks at all, you just need a trigger loop.
It is unrealistic, though.

maybe a new device will be added?
one that animates and moves?

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Maybe with the introduction of something like the blastball device, we might get moveable objects?

Nah, the only devices that are going to be added are the ‘ball’ and ‘ballZone’ devices.

The ball is… literally just a ball. The actual options for the ball are relatively minimal, and the ball is a very different system from any other moveable props, as they had to do the rendering for its animation. Props to whoever did that, by the way! It’s very smooth.

There are currently no devices that the devs are working on that are capable of just doing moving props, as far as I know. I’ve looked through all of them.

nope :frowning:


What if you could use sentries to propel the ball though?

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Sentries are so memory inefficient and the limit makes it so hard to make tower defense with them.

You really think that’s gonna work?
May I remind you of bbsi

also yeah like Cassius said sentries are inefficient as heck

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Do you remember how bbsi started?

A oversight led to an entire field of study. Maybe Josh will forget to have sentry bullets not touch the ball?

It’s better to just use text operations.

Psuedo Health for Textboxes [and other mechanics for tower defense] explains why we don’t use sentries and part of how to do it different.

You could use those walls that you break to move and have the people stand on a platfrom to shoot them and have a button to open it to buy more weapons.

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Besides, there is no ball yet. (Or is there)

There isn’t, I was just speculating.

ah, okay