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I’ll remove if this is off-topic btw.

i think so but i think they don’t moderate the published maps much (i’ve seen blank maps before and they didn’t get struck down but please odn’t violate the ruels)

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Ok, thank you @eiqcrmeliutgwhc

That’s why I was asking @eiqcrmeliutgwhc , I don’t want my account banned.

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Yeah, I think so too because in the documentation it said that you shouldn’t lead other players to other parts of the internet.
I think you can say “Made by ___ on the gimkit forums” because it doesn’t technically lead players to the internet and coral did it for his Coral Clicker map.

  1. No External Links
  • Don’t add external links or QR codes for anything, including social media sites.
  • Don’t guide or lead players from your game to anywhere else on the internet
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Ok, thanks as well @Haiasi !

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