(Topic Closed) How do I make it look like the Crewmates or Impostors won after the game ends?

How do I make it look like the Crewmates or Impostors won after the game ends in Among Us. I can’t find a guide about that.

That’s kinda complicated. Maybe you could do it with a checker and an end game overlay.

Oh, okay. I can try that. I’m gonna try to make a fungle map (latest Among Us map)

And a widget and some blocks from other devices (idk what to put in the blocks tho)



I’m sorry I can’t give any more information. I’ve mostly worked with art and ascetics in the among-us style stuff.

Alright. Give me a second.

What you would want to do is have two different triggers. One of them is activated by the crewmates winning, and the other is activated by the impostor winning. In the block code, you need to make something like this:
The property you’re making should be “The crewmate won” in the crewmate trigger, and “Impostors won” in the impostor trigger. Then place down a end game widget and set the settings to this:
(If you want to be extra cool, set the property to something before it is anything, so if the game is ended early, it says something like “Undetermined!”

@AlvinFun, hope this helps!


Thank you. I might use it in the newest Among Us map.

Maybe you should add that to the ultamate guide to among us

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I might make a quick guide on it. It’s very simple if I can explain it properly!

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