Too short and off-topic posting (do not reply)

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This is kinda short, maybe add more? And remember [ 📢 PSA!] Pictures are powerful!


Maybe add pictures, it is kind of short.

i was just making that…

My advantage of grinding typing tests >:D


This isn’t a wiki, others cannot edit your post.

Um you’re not regular. You can’t make wikis so not one can edit anyways

You could also add sentries as the targets to make it more of a challenge.

cool. you should add pictures. (no offense, but you’re kinda freaking me out. are you actually a hacker??? impressive if you are, and you are at 14!)

Check my bio, then edit yours. :wink: (the medals section) thanks!

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Can i j0in MOEG? I can sometimes become evil with Void Dark Hydra…
(Do I use ellipses too much?)

@shinyrowlet yes I am going to hacking school currently and yes I’m 14 years old and no I will not hack any body on here I promise

Sure you can j0in what’s your padlet username?

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Dark Hydra.

is this a joke?

Done, j0in the link


@shinyrowlet no why?

how are you going to hack this school? why would you hack a school? school is the reason Gimkit is a thing!

let me guess its because of my picture

I did. Allies?