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Im using block code, buttons, and triggers where you can open and close the door from either side with one button
Screenshot 2024-01-30 11.03.50 AM
This is my code. Can someone help?

I think I can help, I’m going to try this in one of my maps first.

Like for a fnaf map?

Um more like a factory tycoon style game

well I could help you with that. My fnaf map has a simmilar mechanic. nothing against you awesomeT43. Um but does it have to be block code?

Because my doors use overlays, that are easier to do.

You need to put it in an if else like this


You could do it without block code and just use triggers.

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I was just saying that for a simpler way, they could use overlays.

How would you use the overlays?

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You saw my map right? the overlays would be able to be pressed from ANYWHERE on the map, and it doesn’t use any block code.

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You can use an alternating button system like this. They would be on top of each other.

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yeah. like my map.

Mark this as a solution, @Brayden_Shelton

So it would be like, “Close Door” Top left overlay but set to a button, and then “Open Door” but It also be Top left. Attach a wire repeater to the first one. and the wire the repeater to the overlay, and so on.

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Sorry ive been having internet issues. Im back tho thanks ill mark a solution after I make sure it works.



It works thanks

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