To achieve: Player [A] of Team [1] receives waypoints to all of Team [2]

Trying to figure out how to go about having a character class on either team be able to see waypoints to the enemy team members, nothing more and nothing less.


That would take a LOT of Waypoints and a LOT of wires and a LOT of memory, so I recommend you turn on Enemy Indicators and Ally Indicators, both of which are available in Map Options, under Teams.

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I think custom player classes are being worked on, it said so when creative was released

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unresolved bump, note that @Zypheir already tried using relays and waypoints in another post.

Call me the Steve Irwin of waypoints, because I know how they work. Now, if you have a repeater check for a psuedo teamed class (You could just give everyone in team 1 an item) every 0.5 seconds, and if the item is there, send a pulse on the relay. Set the relay to random player on team 2, and broadcast on A. Make a waypoint that activates when receiving on A. Copy this format, changing the channel name, until you hit 59 waypoints, or the max number you will need.

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I have an idea for this by using one waypoint, but using recursion to send lots of signals to the waypoint to constantly change the tracked player. However, its very laggy and probably very buggy as well.

It would be more like a 5-second radar.