TL3s, what tags should there be?

What tags should there be?

When i become TL3, might be “institute-solved” for guides


“Beginner must-read” or something like that


I can vote

i feel like thatd be more of a useless tag, clay-institute right now only has 1 post under it and hasn’t been solved


I used to have clay-institute, it’s now resolved and the tag got removed

Edit: @here The institute was how to airdrop items in a zone

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That’s not really a clay institute.

A clay institute would “Open up a new world of possibilities if solved”.

Clic said it’s clay institute

i do feel like it is too specific to be clay institute but i don’t really decide that stuff


I had a brain fart. It was extremley specific, and did not really open up Gimkit once solved. In my opinion, there is still only one clay-institute problem.

P.S.: You write it ClicClac, not Clic, Lxmas, for the last time, man.

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It’s four extra letters.

If you don’t have the respect to use my full username, then don’t contact or mention me.

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Nice pfp 4shapes



forum feedback category

This is so people can post feedback about the forum.

forum tag

Discussion about the forum

introductions category

New user introductions :slight_smile:

off-topic category

We have a tag already, off-topic but many people tend to goof aroud on this forum, so this could be an interesting one

Sorry about the delayed response, I’m a new user


I think we have a different website for feedback.

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Not feedback about gimkit btw, but rather feedback regarding the forum and if it has any issues

Kinda like calling me just Random
(I don’t mind too much if you do tho)

So we say it like ClicClac to be respectful?

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