Tips on how to get plays

Alt accounts are forbidden…

You get the email almost right away. Otherwise you’re not checking the right email or entering the right email.

Did you check spam as well?

And you forgot your password?

Just keep trying then… Idk

How has this help topic still not been solved? Its been 22 days and honestly everything thats recently been in here is off topic or just random stuff. I have seen a lot of posts that are solutions so if you cant get into your account to mark a solution please just leave this alone.


He is permanently banned


Yeah… i’ll put that on feedback it needs to be done.

BUT WHY DO PEOPLE GET SO MANY PLAYS FOR NOTHING!!!1 I spent a year on my racing game for like, 100 plays,* but I found this map on trending that had 20k plays but was just a platformer that was empty except for a text box that said “rizzler”. I think brainrot is taking over gimkit… and the rest of the digital world…

*I know @1234567 said. The same thing, me and 1234567 are the same person… why’d I use my school email for this…


I agree brainrot is taking over games that have sigma rizz rizzler or some or gen alpha words get tons of plays

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you can up your plays by having friends play your maps, or publish it, host from the link, get alts to play, and just start and end your game, but, 1; it’s dishonest, and 2; for others to play it, you mostly have to rely on your map quality (and luck).

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Someone else probably answered their question. The user who posted this originally has also been banned from the forums. Sorry that this is your first experience here.

it’s not that uncommon…


ah. Well, thank you for clarifying!

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(post deleted by author)

You are Lvnl. Its in your profile. And if you got suspended then technically yes, you were being bad in the eyes of the mods and others.
We need to stop replying as this topic is just becoming a chat.
Also alt accounts are not allowed. So you are technically breaking the rules having one.


well there was when I saw it, and typed, sorry this is so many days after.

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No, I was saying four more games as @chunky said.