Tiny question please help

Okay, said it was tiny, can you share codes in Gimkit? I was going to make a fallout 76 game and make a online game where other players can host other fallout 76 games and I was going to have a paper you had to walk through that said you understand that they could host another game.

No, you cannot. Game codes of any kind in Gimkit are not allowed. You will be banned on Gimkit for outside links. Please refer to the Publishing rules for more information.

Is there no way to bypass this rule
Screenshot 2024-05-22 8.21.50 AM
I really wanted to make this online play, because the fallout 76 online is kinda one of the main parts.

yeah, you unfortunately can’t

fallout 76 wasn’t really that good anyway imo

Yeah, I agree it was laggy, but I thought that with Gimkit servers it would work better.

There’s gimkit wix-site

it’s called wix-site

you can’t have a live code or any code tbh in the game. It would be breaking rule 7 because it’s taking you somewhere on the internet. And people like hacker has been banned for that.


Dang so you can get banned for that? I guess it wont happen…

yeah you can… Rules are rules though.

I am going to create the game with online and see if later I can release it, with online.

Also, how come people just put game codes on discovery titles?

No. Rules are rules. Gimkit doesn’t care about your game. They are trying to provide a safe and friendly environment. Thanks!

But, I will just let the offline part be released until then.

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