Times Up, Player!

How do you make a timed area? (like a zone, if i was in the zone, i would be timed for any time you want to input)

When entering a zone, activate a trigger clock which will increment a counter every second.

Game overlay, property, repeater, and counter.

I’ll let WhoAmI explain.


actually… try using a trigger to step on. Make it increment counter every time. Make it at the end zone too. Then, make a button to confirm. The counter will start going down every second.

Then when it reaches it’s target, 0, make it transmit a notification saying times up.

Put the counter automatically at 1.

Pictures are more powerful than words


Well, it’s a bit difficult for me to do that.

And I know.

Fyi, no offense to gimkitluvuh, I just hate the saying pictures are more powerful than words. I have been told that so many times lol. I do pictures in guides sometimes but never in help. but just saying no offense.

But let me think.

Ok, when button clicked, make it increment counter. Then make a button to confirm. WHen the confirmed button is clicked, make it so the counter goes down every second. WHen it reaches a target of 0, make it send notification that says times up, player! Make the counter start at 1.

Pretty sure it works, but if you can, help confirm.

listen man, i need pictures. i suck at following directions because i hate it when i am told to, and it reminds me of school.

just some random text

Oh, alright. Then my bad. I apologize.

I’ll try doing pictures.

If you want to, WhoAmI, You can do it.

For more detail, for a more specific build, place down your zone, and place down a trigger. Have the trigger trigger on receiving on channel Loop, and have it transmit on channel Loop when being activated. When the player enters the zone, trigger the trigger with a wire. When the player leaves the zone, deactivate the trigger with a wire, and then activate it half a second later with a channel. When the trigger is triggered, have it increment a counter with no target, but make sure the counter is connected to property Time. Then place down another counter, but this one hooked up to a property SetTime. Use buttons to increment it and decrement it to set the time you want the player to stay in there, and then place down a checker. The checker will also be hooked up to the trigger clock, and should check if SetTime is Equal to Time. If it passes, then activate the mechanism you are using to eject the player. If you want the time to be fixed, just set it to a target. I’ll also try to make the mechanism in real life as well, for some pictures.


tanks man, i aldmnwejnsfn apreeciate it

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oh um, wow. thats a lot of instrutions :sob:

Yes, I’m going to get a picture to you in about 2-3 minutes.

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oh alright, let whoamI do it.

all righty! time to wait.

This should be what it kinda looks like. If you want any details on what does what, or what each device settings is, you can just ask.


okay, this looked like it could work, thanks!

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