Timers being the bane of my existence, part 5 of Infinity

This is the saddest series ever.

So, my timer STILL does not work. It’s so close, but the minutes that you have raced doesn’t update. It just stays at 0. Everything else works fine. It just refuses to update no matter what.

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what do you mean by that?


Before anyone asks, the block code:

PART 5!!!
OMG, this is crazy.
Ok, how about you make repeaters to update it every second?

Oh my Gosh.

You know how after a minute, a normal timer adds one to the amount of minutes have passed, then reset the seconds?

My timer does that, only it doesn’t add one to the amount of minutes played.

It already updates every tenth of a second! I have to change classes, be back in 1.5 hours.

cya, also, i am kinda stumpt

oh. ok. well you can do what Epi320 said, or use triggers, which update it every 0.1 seconds.

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A version of this worked!


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