Time traveling RPG help

Okay, two things. I’ll make this quick.

  1. Should I make a whole animated final boss battle or make a turn based combat system? Both would take a while, and both would be interesting to use, I just want to see the communty’s opinion on this.
  2. I can’t think of a title. Believe me, I’ve spent like three days thinking about it, and nothing good is coming to mind. The title I have right now is A Jump In Time, but that sounds kind of cliche.

If you could help with either of these, that would be much appreciated!

Oh, one last thing. If you feel so inclined, you could make a thumbnail for the game. This is probably the first and only time I’m going to ask this, as I usually just draw them myself. However, now that there is official support for thumbnails on the forums, there’s no better way to bring them back than with a very very small and controlled bang. Don’t let thumbnails get as big as they did last month though. That was rough.


I think a turn-based combat system would be more fun and interactive for players, although an animated boss fight would be SUPER cool!
Title idea: Into the 4th Dimension (the 4th Dimension IS more about space but idk)

Turn based definitely.

A Slip in Time
Time Strider

When did this happen?

Did you ever decide on the 3 side quests you posted a while ago?

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I think here


Yeah, I figured them out. I have a whole list of potential quests irl! One more thing that I forgot to put in the post: could someone make a boat out of props? Thumbnail support was confirmed when blackfox got an email saying that Josh was going though the forums and restoring thumbnail posts.

how bout BOTH!

In the good old days
When Time Flies
Time Travel: A RNG

I would love to!

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Wait, that’s actually genius. Both would be amazing. The first two titles are good, but they don’t really embody the game I’m trying to make. Thanks for taking my request!

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no it was blackfox

also is your game name based off of “a hat in time”

It’s not based off “a hat in time”. What is that anyway.

Thanks for clarifying!

It’s a 3D platformer about a girl who stitches hats for wicked powers (i got that from the steam page).

Oh ok. That’s not anything like my game.

Did you decide on a name, my friend is going to make a thumbnail?

I might just go with A Jump Through Time.

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If you make this, it would be awesome if you made a guide on it!

I would have to figure out how to make it first…
Plus I have another guide I need to work on.

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The Hump Crew Slime!

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For the name, maybe Through Time and Space

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Wait, that’s actually really good.

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