Thumbnails VS. No thumbnails

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  • question - do you think thumbnails should be allowed?
  • options
  • Thumbnails should not be allowed
  • Thumbnails should be allowed
    the poll was deleted
    but the RESULTS were 67% yes
    and 25 or 50 % no


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A few things:

  • Does yes equal yes thumbnails and no to no?
  • This isn’t our decision, this is the Gimkit staff’s.

@skib_02 what u think of this

Yes does mean, that thumbnails should be allowed
No means they shouldnt be allowed

and I am just want to see what people think

It’s still not going to matter.

Bro i wish they will allow it

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i would recommend not hosting this poll here. i understand you’re trying to help, but this is uneeded, and will get flagged. host something like this somewhere else next time.

just two minutes and it will be close, closing in 1…2…3…

I wonder if some can gift someone special a season pass

are we talking about thumbnail requests?