Thumbnail. Thanks (Poll on 126!)

Ok. Let’s do this.

Gims: Fair Play, a Black Gim, and Vortex agent Echo Agent, Sketch, A White Gim

Setting: Outside on a square battlefield with them all just clashing. The Black gims has a black kinda aura around them, so does the White gims but just white. also, it’s not teams or anything.

Name: Contrast Battlegrounds

Yes, add your credits.

Yes, add my credits.

@That_Fedora_Guy is helping too so…add his credits too.

sorry for the edits, I forgot it was a ffa.


This is probably my last post, as I might be leaving the forums soon.

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you’re welcome.
glad to help.
my pleasure.
no problem.
don’t mention it.

give me a day I guess


alright. No due date, by the way.

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I also need a day- I have figure skating stuff today so yeah.

me who’s gonna try for my own game

it felt like it took really long…

blackjack I made you something!

for those nerds

Screen recording 2024-07-06 5.32.04 PM

very brief description on how I made it:

Use two barriers for the background. Have another black circle barrier (with border) layered below white one. Now use ◐ symbol in text device. Now, use _ in text device with ⬮ to make the eyes. Now, use two ♤ for the spade. Now, for the body, I just used a bunch of text devices. The left arm is two _ and a 0, with a kalam font I think. There’s also a lot of black text covering the space on the 0. The left leg is 4 of _ and 1 ), with two extra ). The right arm is two ) for the curve, 2 | or _ (one is kalam font btw), and a kalam-font ). The right leg is 3 of _, and one ).


What!?!? That’s so cool man!


1st: Love the thumbnail! Very epic

2nd: …OH MY GOSH!!! that is sick! Actually, I’ve never seen someone make something so…blackjackian! lol but really that’s so cool!


I exited for one second and came back and saw 4 likes and a notification

thx guys!


I made it 5 likes –

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Make that six :pinching_hand::dark_sunglasses::smirk:

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dang it you topped me

nu uh, make that 5 because I disliked and then realized so I’m SIX

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:0. the ultimate top

Very epic 6 you got there

I think someone else just liked it they got top

heh heh…

I put my back on topic dragon in attack mode!

the real ultimate attack




very epic