Thumbnail suggestions

If you have need a thumbnail or want a custom gim design I can design it for you! check my bio for more information, i can also help with any basic creative questions.

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welcome to the forums and thanks! but im sorry you cant really make posts about like this it has to be about you gimkit creative map!

oh thanks for the heads us! I was just putting this out there, but ill keep that in mind for further posts!

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welcome to the forums @RedPandaArtist!
can you make me a pfp right now?

email me with the contents you want! but it wont be right away!

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hey quick question do you have an email i could keep in contact with you?@GIMKIT.CREATIVE

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Welcom to the forums RedPandaArtist!

Look at the art-request tag.

thanks very much!!!


sure @RedPandaArtist its:

@GIMKIT.CREATIVE Thanks! hope we can be pretty good friends :smiley:

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hey im back @RedPandaArtist can you pls make me a new pfp pls


@Gimkit_Is_Cool_yea email me with the contents you want… its


ill try

it doesnt work

me and @Gimkit_Is_Cool_yea are good friends in real life

hey @GIMKIT.CREATIVE can you ask @RedPandaArtist on email then you can send it to me?

Hey we arnt supposed to chat here try this…

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btw i sent u an email @GIMKIT.CREATIVE

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