-Thumbnail Requests- BYE

it’s called Gimcity (not a really original name if you have a better name please give me name advice) I want like a city in the background and like a bunch of different people doing things, and one guy in the back ground that has lots of money

@GimSolver I redid the thumbnail! here ya go!


Hey, @Foxy I see a lot of people making" I need ideas for my maps forums!" I believe we should make a forum regarding that to cause less clutter🫠

It really Is taking up my notifications lol

@here, since it’s closed, you can ask and stuff here.

GimSolver: Can someone make a thumbnail with Bonesy and Ozi for me, @eiqcrmeliutgwhc and @Captain-Gim?

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there are already many guides for that

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are you able to make me a thumbnail @Foxy

I can
how about gimtopia?

that sound cool.:slight_smile:

Alright I fixed it!

tbh, I should start adding my own watermarks to my work🫠

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Ok since it just opened again let’s not post stuff that is off topic so this won’t be flagged (and closed) again.


I don’t think this’ll work… it’s kind of turning into chat…

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Well if they chat; I flag okay?


yeah, I see the makings of the other thumbnail guide.

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hey @CoolGimkitPlayer while this was closed I did your thumbnail


Did u make the background ur self?

That is really good @Foxy! You are really artistic!

I think it’s all photoshop except the half green skin and the thing the construction workers are standing on.