Thumbnail request!

I want a thumbnail of a game called “neandrathal adventures”
It will include a neandrathal gim fighting other gims. Thank you


Can you be more descriptive and give more detail please?

The neandrathal gim is blasting a day one gim with a blaster inside a cave.

Can you show me just the pictures of the gims then I will make it.

does this work as a"neanderthal" gim?



I like that neandrathal gim!

before I use it I’m gonna make the legs less blocky

Ok cool! :grinning:

that good?

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let me make the actual thumbnail before you mark a solution

@111 what gims do you want and what gadgets do you want to be used?

Blockquote Thumbnail request! - #6 by 111
@gim_guy here are the gims, you can choose the gadgets.

what about gadgets?

I guess any gadgets you want to add you can add.

just got back and started working on it
found this
Gimkit Wiki | Fandom
what is this bro

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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :star_struck:

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bro LMBO (laughing my but off)

I can make one, give me a day-ish.