Thumbnail Request (Yes, Because We Need More Of These)

Well, this is the first time I’ve ever done this, so don’t go spamming “There are too many of these” in the comments.
My game is called GimRealm: The Arcade.
Now guess the setting… Yes, in the title… A forest!
It’s super small, right… There. Kidding, and arcade.
Anyways, I need a Stache / Fair Play, weaponless, near an arcade machine, playing it, frustrated.
Next, a chompz or whatever-the-shark-gim-outfit-is-called gim playing another. The main color for this should be a sort of darkish purple, like a background color or the color of the arcade machines or something like that.
I’d prefer it hand-drawn, but I guess I’ll take a well-photoshopped thingy. After three-five thumbnails I’ll just have a poll, but I might not get any with the number of requests.
Now this is my first time…
Am I allowed to summon artists?
I’ll try it, but tell me if I did something wrong in the comments:
@Bob6000 (Kidding, not summoning them)


Could I make one too?

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Can I make one!

My thumbnail/art I made before

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Wait so the setting is a forest, not an arcade place

Yeah, I shouldn’t have included that, sorry for the confusion.


@GimGuy I’ll try to make one; These days I’m not as active.

It’s called a Carver Costume

Try maybe Void as well?


@EggNoodle Some people like being summoned. You can do me if you want. I don’t mind, as well.


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Sorry its late, it took forever to make it

I’m still making mine; Hope you can wait!
Nevermind; Sorry! I don’t have time to finish it anymore!

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… Been a week, anyone there?

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Yeah, I think nobody did anything else, so good job on the thumbnail!


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