Thumbnail Request RDG

So, I am not going to ping anybody.
I want a thumbnail for a remake of a game, now this is going to be hard for you guys do to copyright restrictions and also the community guidelines. My project is:
Red Dead Gimdemption
Go ahead, be free, and make whatever you want. this is a thumbnail challenge and it will close at
So, lets talk about the criteria:
-Keep it child friendly: No blood, gore, etc
-Be creative: Don’t just copy and paste RDR1’s thumbnail and change people into gims
-I don’t care what gims, the background, etc.
For more about it go to: Game Idea: Red Dead Gimdemption - #3 by th3_ca1tsune

can i try please? i’m decently good…
not bragging btw…

Sure, anyone can give it a shot!

here are some of the thumbnails I’ve made:

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ok! thanks!

Bruh the heart guy is mad.

wow, that looks really cool!
Anyways like I said: I don’t have much criteria just keep it original.
The deadline is 2024-04-15T19:50:00Z

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yeah it’s my skin i use bruh

The expressions are still awesome! Chompz is just tired.


Chompz stood up til three last night doing chores to earn money to use at the arcade.


thank you! i use Kleki to make thumbnails btw

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@Chris10 that bedwars one looks really good

thank you! it was for somebody’s request btw

wait what can be the background for the thumbnail @XxGuyt6517xX ?

anything, it is up to the artist’s depiction

but idk what could be the background since i don’t play the real game

i’ll just try and see what i’ll do…

Make it wild west

Me to! This is mine:

Average rating: decent or average. Best rating: pretty good for your first thumbnail

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okie dokie bro… i’ll search a vector image of one since i’m not that good…