Thumbnail Request (Poll starts on Tuesday or Wednesday)

So I’m working on a game called “Get a Job” and I need a thumbnail

The game is like get a snack at 3AM
You’re mother tells you to get a job or she’ll kick you out of the house.

dang monday

art take time so maybe Wednesday or Thursday?

also I cant make it I’m alrdy making one

yo @That_One_Gimkit_Guy let me give it a try I’ll see what I can do

Tell me if I should add anything else

You might want to take the McDonald’s logo off the right corner.

It’s Not at 3AM Its just “Get a Job”

do u want me to remove it

yes, it’s not the name of the game. I can see your confusion though.

I know I sound picky, but can you find a different background maybe?

Exactly what kind of background are you looking for

Like a city or something.

would this work 18,800+ Cartoon Office Building Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty ...

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Depends on how good you are at thumbnails (So yes that would work)

is this beter?

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Yeah, I like that! That’s amazing

k should I add enything?

Not right now you don’t have too

Maybe I’ll add something diffrent

um ok then ill take a good pic and send it over