Thumbnail Request: Level Up! A Battle Game (Request Filled)


bro if it took you that long just to slap text and a pic of you blasting some sentries in a corner im sorry to say maybe you should stick to well…simpler things bud and do your school work
it´s almost the end of the school year and i barely managed to survive it so do urself a favor dont waste time slapping a single piece of text on a screen shot for like what is to be most likely less than 5 minutes

what else should I add
I added a few more blasts and health bars

thumbnail (again)

I did do most of it, and have an all A honor roll.

you sound like a certain owen i know from scouts ._.
(hopefully it´s not that demon)
but anyways lets not try to lose that A honor roll bud

I almost have it now & had it in the second quarter.

Here’s my thumbnail! It’s my first one so it’s not the greatest

That’s pretty good!
However, the requirement said to use blasters, please consider changing the gadget.

What happened to the Kitchen equipment

Little thumbnail i made for my own game.
Edit: I should start focusing on making thumbnails for people for fun because i know they won’t get accepted.

Oh oops sorry I didn’t see :sweat_smile:
I’ll change it

Here’s the new one!

Gonna put up a poll:

Which Thumbnail should be used?
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just played the game, its actually fun

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