Thumbnail request Is due

basic idea sketch
later I can add more if you want there are probably people with more time

oh im sorry for going off topic but @wait.what.626Youtube was it a basketball game?

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Make the dodgeball a Zapper if you can @Foxy

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ok im done and dont judge me this is my 4th ever thumbnail so…

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It looks pretty good ngl. good job

thanks that makes me really happy! anything you want me to change?

Umm Actully No I like it thx

are you going to use mine or someone else’s?

but wait for the poll since mulitp people


BRB i got to do stuff

Back, what’s going on now?

pretty much nothing i guess based on the activity rn :frowning:


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Im almost done with my thumbnail

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true @FersionSpeedy @M1dnight has really good thumbnails!


I gtg see you guys sometime

am I a good thumbnail maker? (don’t vote cuz u feel bad, be honest) [: 0]
  • yes
  • no
  • ehhh…
  • I vote for fun :slight_smile:
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pls give me honest opinion so I can improve.

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