Thumbnail request Is due

And now i need a thumbnail for my red vs blue dodgeball.
anyone can help :smiley:.


Watch in awe as I summon great artists. @Kat_aronii @MirMirCreates @I_Like_Props @VoidFluffy @Blizzy

LOL. I don’t make thumbnails myself.


Don’t forget @THEHACKER120

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Doing it later. @TheCentaursHoof is at my house rn

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I can try @CrimsonVoid but im not that good!

okay, thank you @GIMKIT.CREATIVE

I"ll try thumbnail making for once when someone needs it

hey @CrimsonVoid what is the title of your game?

Red Vs Blue Dodgeball

oooh! I’m good at making thumbnails!

uohh okay just making sure!
when im done @CrimsonVoid ill show you and you can tell me what i need to change when im done!

Hey! @wait.what.626Youtube how are you after you game today


it went well.

off topic pls no flag

we won by like 10 points and I got a block and 4 points.

Nice now let’s go back on topic

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did u vote

wait wrong topic srry.

no i did not and i’m making a thumbnail as practise

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I can make 1, red vs blue dodgeball isn’t that hard
(I will be back online soon.)

ok go ahead since i don’t know how to

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