Thumbnail Request: Horror Space Game

Name -
The Lighthouse

Details -
The Gim is trapped alone in an abandoned space lighthouse. These lighthouses are spread across the galaxy to help guide spaceships toward habitable worlds. This lighthouse suffered a major malfunction during a solar flare storm, causing damage to the hull and causing imminent destruction. If the Gim Doesn’t escape in the allotted time the lighthouse will go kaboom and the Gim will not survive.

Wanted Gims -

Background -
Spaceship Corridor(s) or any spaceship tiles

Appreciate it horror aspects are included somehow! Thank you guys so much!

please make this an art and thumbnail requests, not a help request.
Thank you!

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It’s already has an art-request tag, but I’ll change it to the Art Category

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Thank you, as for the art, I can make very basic arts with pictures and text, do their have to be gims involved, if so, I can do nothing.

I can make one!
My previous work is in here:

Can I make it? I’m really good at creepy thumbnails!

do you want the gim to be scared?


I feel like a scared gim will contribute to the horror aspects.

That’d be great!

Need anymore details?

No, I’ll get started soon.