Thumbnail request (gims VS wasps)

Hi anyone reading this I am requesting a good thumbnail for gims VS wasps (any way to do it is okay) What I want is art where wasps are coming out of their nest on a green tree and gims are running away (please include day one as a gim running away) one of the gims is on a castle, so yeah. If I come up with more details, I will post them.

Also make it say Game made by gimkit_pro

that just reminded me…

Theres a wasp in my house :scream::grimacing:
no fr there actually is…

Get me @VoidFluffy please

WH\hy so many art requests at once?

I just need an artist…

Gimkit lock this post I already made a thumbnail

@Tobias7454744745 just switch topic to help and mark solution and switch it back to art

Nevermind I still need a thumbnail gims vs wasps look at details