Thumbnail Request - Gims From Arcade

I was hoping @speedy_kd4 could do it!
I would like a thumbnail with gims playing aracade games, and there’d be a section with gim plushies as prizes and Gims jumping outta the arcade machine and stuff!

I can try one …
Also you’re not allowed to ping people for art. Sorry!

i thought it was if they say in their bio you can

No, Pharlain made a post a while back about it.

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Also, my art is in my bio so you can check that out for a taste of my art style.

i dont mind being pinged,
but yeah i can make one, jus gimme a bit

Sorry, ran out of likes, and is off-topic.


have you still not listened to anyone giving you advice on this?

actually contribute to the topic, don’t just say something like “Offtopic lolz here a like (that emoji you put for likes) heahheheheh”

like bro.

(don’t take this personal bruv)


Yes, but if I do not have an existing post, what do I do?

Haven’t drawn with an outline for a while so this was pretty refreshing. Hope you like it!


Any feedback?
I’d love to hear it so I can improve.

It’s a bit dark, but it seems to be fine.

Yeah, I did that since it’s an arcade

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Otherwise, it looks just as good as all your other thumbnails!

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its good

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finished yayayayay !!

glass half full gim looks kinda wonky, and arcade machines are hard to draw, but i think it looks pretty good!! :3

let me know if any changes need to be made


I love it!
Thank you thank you thank you!
I like how they’re all furries lol

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