Thumbnail Request - Game Name

Name of Game: No Idea
Creator Name: GimGuy
Gameplay Details: “You’ve Been Stranded On An Island, And Your Health And Sanity Is Running Low. You Need To Escape From The Island Via Raft And Reclaim Your Ship From Your Crewmates.”
Gims I Want: (Choose Two, Not All) Brown Stache, Fair Play, Horizono, Life Saver, Glass Half Full

Setting: Gims Camped Around A Fire, Looking Out On The Beach, Etc. Sandy Ground, Palm Tree Or Two Around, And If It’s Life Saver Or Glass Half Full, In The Water. Add A Shark Or Two.

  • Island Survival
  • Sandy Survival
  • Survival Island
  • Stranded!
  • Paradise Island (Make It Scarier If This Is The Name)
  • Your Own! (Not Cheesy Tho)
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If You Wanna Make A Thumbnail First, Just Choose A Name Yourself.

Yo! Gimme a bit and I can send one in. =)
Edit: How big does it have to be?

It’s not great, and it’s my first one! Sorry! :sweat_smile:


I will try to make a thumbnail.

That’s really good for your first one!

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Last Horizon sounds like a great name.

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Thank you so much! =D

Looks cool! I’ll wait maybe a week or so and make a poll. If there are none left, I’ll just choose it. That sound alright?

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Sounds great. Thanks so much!

Out of all the thumbnails, I’m proud of this one. Here ya go, @GimGuy

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I can try to help! :slight_smile:

past work

Untitled image (10)

Untitled image (9)

Here is a better version of my thumbnail.

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Lets get the canva workshop back up and runnign…
computer dies
be back later for the thumbnail creation

@wait.what.626Youtube Your Gimnite Royal thumbnail made it on trending.

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Alright, last call, in three days or so ill make a poll.
So yeah, might be closin it soon.