Thumbnail Request from BMW23(PLEASE REPLY)

I want a thumbnail for my game, which is called Elemental CTF. If you can, I would like element-based Gims from Gimkit.
The elements in the game are
Water(top-left, snowball launcher, can teleport) with Glass Half Full as the Gim,
Fire(Top-right, evil eye, temporary double damage) with Riff as the Gim,
Air(Bottom-left, blaster, temporary speed boost)with Cumulus as the Gim, and
Earth(bottom-left, wooden wand, can heal), with Block Party as the Gim
Please make all the Gims run towards a black flag in the middle!
Thank you!


Be patient. Someone will come eventually.


haha sorry, I draw on chromebook and im on pc currently so i cant do it

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Not kidding

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Can you specify what gims you want?

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I know, it’s just inconvenient

Really, the only two I know would fit are glass half full for water and cumulus for air. Otherwise, I guess just choose some that look/feel fire and earth related, please.

theres the ore one
and the guitar
is this an avatar reference

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Zenith for Earth.
One gim rem@ins.
Anyone for fire?

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Orehound or season ticket one?

the one that looks like dirt
block party

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I don’t think Zenith really fits, because its more grassy than rocky.
EDIT: I mean that Zenith is too rocky to fit the aesthetic.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Block party is perfect

so yes avatar reference or smt else
riff or firesky for fire
or custom gim

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Yes for block party.

Not an Avatar reference. But yes to riff as well.

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When you have the chance, would this be possible @Trasch ?

it might not be good, but i can do it

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