Thumbnail Request for VERY SPOOKY GAME

wait why is my username at the top? :rofl:


oh yeah I’ll change that sometime

People, we need more than 1 entry to make a thumbnail.

CAN SOMEONE ACTUALLY DO THIS? (other than that other guy)

I like awesome gims makers one

don’t: necropost.
do: the above.

I think I can try! I’ve never done a horror thumbnail before, so it may not be the best.

TOGG hasn’t posted since may 23 so he might not be online for summer or something + this post is old.

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sooooo, I probably shouldnt make one, correct?


Just some criticism (If you’re up for it):
The sentry looks out of place
Random signs are kinda off-putting (especially the horror one)
Ozi gim looks really discolored
Too cluttered’
Great job so far, though!

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AwesomeGimMaker already left for summer.

Oh, I didn’t know that, oops…
i feel dumb

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its fine, I’ve replied to a person that left too lol!

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can I make it??? Please?

pls read the topic. this is an old post and most of these users have left for the summer.

how’s this? I worked really hard.

I moved to unity lol

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Welcome back! (I just downloaded unity last week, I’ll probably go towards GameMaker though)
I recommend closing this topic (switch topic category, mark solution, switch back) to prevent clutter :D

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