Thumbnail Request for Under Da Sea (by GK101)

I want a hand-drawn thumbnail, not photo-shopped. Here’s what I want in the thumbnail:

  • A beach to the left side (maybe with some towels and umbrellas on it).
  • To the right, I want the ocean with some waves on it. :ocean:
  • In the background, a nice, blue, partially cloudy, sky. :cloud:
  • I would like at least 1 old-timey shipwreck underwater. :sailboat:
  • Among the shipwrecks, please put an octopus (a kraken) as large as the shipwrecks with a shiny pearl in its tentacles. :octopus:
  • Maybe add some coral and shells in the sand near the shipwrecks (optional).

Please don’t use any Gims in this thumbnail. I would like any thumbnail submissions turned in by Friday at noon, if possible. Thanks for the help! :smile:


I am sorry, but I cannot make a thumbnail And I’d probably make a trash one anyway :sweat_smile:, but I have a question:

Why did you put a cloud emoji? Do you want partly cloudy, mostly clear, completly clear?

(and is this for that one game you asked for help with?)


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Yes, this is for the underwater game mentioned in Underwater game ideas help🪼. To answer your question, I would like a partially cloudy sky.


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Ohh, okay. Thanks for the info. :sweat_smile:

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Bump? :sweat_smile:

I can make one! It may take a little though.

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Okay!! Can u have it done by Friday at noon, @boop?

I think so!

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Okay. Hey, do u have any examples of your past work, @boop? :smile_cat:

Yeah! Here it is: art


I can make one!!! What’s the time limit???
Past work:


@GimGamer1, the due date is Friday at noon. Can you do that? :sweat_smile:

@Unit_72, to answer your reply from here:

Yes, I changed my pfp (and my background). It’s to foreshadow the release of my new game, Under Da Sea. Just know: there’s a big kraken.

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Small Sketch.

for the curious?


Wait, please don’t come for me, I am a member of BLUEPRINTS UNITED, INC. I promise!


Thats totally fine.

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I thought everyone said you shouldn’t log into that alt???


Dude, stop logging into your alt.


Huh, someone has an alt?! Isn’t that against the rules? :exploding_head:

@VoidFluffy, please check the DOD chat. :sweat_smile:

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