Thumbnail request for take a dump at 1 AM

Hi this is another one of my thumbnail requests this time it’s take a dump at 3AM details
:yellow_circle:It is in a bathroom
:yellow_circle:There is a shower
:yellow_circle:The stashe gim is peeking out of the shower
:yellow_circle:There is a thing that you use to do your business
:yellow_circle:The Blueprint gim is using the thing in the last detail (look at the title to know which type)
:yellow_circle:a clock is in there that says 1:00AM
If there are more details I will post them

interesting game but I’ll do it lol

Yay I really want a good thumbnail for it!

couple questions(you were very detailed, it’s just minor minor things):
Do you want the bathroom to be light or dark? Ik it’s a night but if someone’s taking a shower, i’d think the lights would be on.

Also, what facial expression do you want on the stashe? Confused, mad, etc.?

ok I went ahead and did it light.
I couldn’t rlly find a good text effect for it, so the name is pretty basic

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Very good thumbnail, cool how you cropped the legs away from the body.

do you use Adobe? because that reminds me of a image I saw that looks almost the same.

Yeah I use Adobe stock, but I use Canva for my editing(it’s simpler, faster, + has everything you need to make thumbnails)