Thumbnail Request for Tag game

I need a thumbnail for my game: Tag: Ultimate. I don’t have any specific gims. Just go free with it! :smile:

I can do it!
Also Is it a platfromer???

Work I've done


I could try but do you want it hand drawn or on like canva or something.

canva’s really easy and fun

Screenshot 2024-04-10 11.26.34 AM


I can help
My other work before

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Wow! :star_struck: Those are AWESOME!

Not trying to be rude but…


do you copy me when I say Work I’ve done before?

hey maybe… there is no other way to say it? unless… you can say, " Here is some work previously made by me " or something… but being on the formal manner no…

Ok, come on. Before u started thumbnails, i did them (tho now im just lazy idk) to, and i used the “work I’ve made” so u dont gotta be mad about thta. It’s not like someone stole ur work.

Wdym? I show my work all the time


Ya fr, also if we were gonna go back and seeing who started that, it would DEF not be @Random_dude123 . Pls dont take it so seriously.


I’m not trying to start anything just saying and pointing it out.

Not mad, Just pointing it out

Oh ok, cuz when u put it uppercased, it looks like ur mad

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Could y’all please stay on topic. I don’t want @ moderators to close the topic, Thanks!

do you want me to help create a thumbnail

yes [1]

  1. Fun fact: not to be off topic To by pass the 20 char limit you could put the text in brackets like this: < hvihghregiuhrugtruhfhrighitr> just without the space ↩︎

any specific gims you want?