Thumbnail request for super smash bros

Making a Super Smah Bros, type game, I need a thumbnail for it. The thumbnail needs to have platforms (like in Smash) and gims fighting with various weapons, for the platforms, you can go with a Greenery map, an industrial map, or a pastel colored map. I dont care what gims you use, or which weapons you use so dont ask.

Super fast thumbnail delivery coming up

you can use this pre-made one I made:


its really good, but not really super smash bros

yes. it is.
tho the pipe is there, doesn’t mean just mario.
its to make the screen have less space

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yeah but i want the gims to be fighting

these gims are not really fighting+ no platforms

This is mine:

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really good, im gonna leave this post open tho in case other people wanna try.

Ty but yeah people are probably gonna make better thumbnails so you should keep this open

I’ll work on this soon.

hi I have one but it is the 1st 1. I can not wait to play this map. and now you should make a super Mario map as well.