Thumbnail request for project

Could someone make me a thumbnail for my Escape the Laser Maze project

  • Setting has a gim(any) trying to get out of a laser maze
  • It is daytime
  • He has a friend in the background that is going the opposite way
    And the rest can be anything that relates to the topic of laser maze

If nobody can make it for me then how can I make it myself?

I’ll make one for you tonight, can’t rn though

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Ok, I need it need it by 12:00 tomorrow but take your time if it can get to me by then.

What time are you thinking?

can i make it? I love making thumbnails

Really, can you do the thing up above(the requirements)?

If you can I will surely take it!

yep! I’ll make it. I might have it by…tomorrow?

What time are you thinking, and could I ask you to change something if I didn’t like something?

yeah, you can ask. I was thinking tonight or tomorrow

That’s great Thank you!

never mind. :disappointed: i can’t make it. so sorry

Oh I can get AwsomeGiMaker to do it

I have your word guy doen’t let me down pls.

no worries making it rn I promise

here you go- sorry for the long wait :sweat_smile:

and yes it’s not Gimkit lasers I couldn’t get a good image of that sorry

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Thank’s I might use it but I might also use mine .

Aight, give me some time. Do keep in mind I use turbowarp or Gandi :P

No I don’t mind or care what you do.