Thumbnail request for my upcoming game

Have I done one of these before? I don’t know…


I need a thumbnail for my semi-satire game “Floating Log Simulator”
All it needs to have is a log floating in water. You can choose the background. Add pine straw and leaves for some :sparkles: d e t a i l s :sparkles:
I’m glad to see what you all can make! I’ll give you all a week.
Deadline: 7/17/2024
Best of luck!


I’ll draw one for you!

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I’ll also draw one. My previous work is in here: :first_quarter_moon: :new_moon: :last_quarter_moon:

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Finished, couldn’t fit “simulator” so I did just “sim”, is that ok?


Ok, here’s my thumbnail!


I’ll Try! hopefully It will be good

I will do it after I finish Under Da Sea thumbnail

oh yeah I saw that thumbnail thing! i’m sure it looks amazing!

What about it? I haven’t had sleep any time today mumble-mumble

Nice- I would recommend making some of the lines a biiiit less shaky, but it’s very cute and simplistic-which I love.

Woah! Nice! I’m waiting until the deadline if anyone else wants to participate.

Do you think that I should remove the Gim from mine?

yeah, and make it a bit brighter and cartoon-ier

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Like this? Any other edits?


Making title right now, any tips like removing or adding something?

I should probably remove the gim

It’s quite messy- the lines are serving close to no purpose. Try to tidy up the water and the log’s coloring.

Ok thanks! I’ll do that now

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Just a minor thing, but could you try cell shading and adding the lighter lines on top of the water? The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a really good example of what I’m talking about.


Ooh, that makes sense- like instead of layering translucent white use a paler blue full opacity instead?

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Ok here’s the new and improved version!