Thumbnail request for my single player story based one way out map

Title pretty self explanitory. :smiley:

Not really. We need details on the backround and Gims.

Krishna or void fluffy has got you. :+1:

Have a worried gim going through a corridor with an evil plant being right behind.


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Done yet? Preformatted text Preformatted text Preformatted text

Just need the game name.

Thinking lost or lost in the spaceship. Which everone is fine

I’ll do thinking lost since it sounds cooler.

:+1: Preformatted text``Preformatted text``Preformatted text``Preformatted text

Listening to DKC music while drawing. It was nice. Here ya go!

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I can make a digital one if you want to see that :smiley:

Uh I think you misunderstood me. When I said thinking, I mean’t that was what I thinking FOR the title.

Still sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sure, I’d like to see multiple entries for this

trust me, this guy is good.

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Ok, well in the name of all things Gimkit, let him cook!!! (Old but classic meme, I know.)

Hey man you ever got done with that thumbnail?

oh dang it asodhsiahdiohsaoidhsioh
I’ll finish it rn

Hmm idk how I feel about this one- it’s a tad messy lol
anyways lmk if you want any changes : )

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