Thumbnail Request for my platformer map

So, I’ve finally finished my map Mt.Gim-The Legendary mountain and all I need is a thumbnail before I publish it.

So I need a Gim on top of a mountain summit and the words Mt.Gim-The Legendary Mountain in the middle of the thumbnail.


I can attempt this thumbnail.
I need approximately a day or two to finish.
My previous work is in my bio, so you can check that out if you would like.

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I can try it too do you care what gim it is?

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No I don’t care what gim it is.


You see- I don’t have the energy to do this…but like- I have nothing else to do.

Handdrawn or Photoshop?

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You can choose, because I don’t really care which type it is.

i guess im done -its not that good :

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Constructive criticism:
The gims are too small. Something that I tell a lot of people btw, it’s really hard to see details when you’re scrolling through discovery.

I will make one! (probably)


Its good, but I was thinking the Gim was at the summit and the view was more closed-in.
Instead of showing the entire mountain itself, I only wanted the top summit to be shown- sorry I should’ve made it clear what I wanted on my thumbnail.

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IDK if this is what you wanted but here you go!


Whoa :fire: thumbnail

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did it in 30 minutes so don’t expect it to be good

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Nice thumbnail

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All the thumbnails

Chunky’s Thumbnail:

VoidFluffy’s thumbnail:

Grahamathan15’s Thumbnail:

Vote for the best thumbnail:

  • VoidFluffy
  • Chunky
  • Grahamathan15
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Will wait a day for complete results

Alr Voidfluffy has won so I’ll be using her thumbnail.
Thanks @VoidFluffy, @chunky, and @Grahamathan15 for all making a thumbnail for me :D.

Btw you’ll be credited in the game @VoidFluffy


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