Thumbnail Request for my platformer game

I would like a thumbnail for my game. It is a platformer with items such as keycards that you need to collect. I would like Marshmallow (an unreleased gim) and Duality in it.

Got it takes about 1 hours to crank up

Alright. I will check back after a few hours.

Wait I have something to do in 1 hour so I can not do it I am sorry

Thumbnail Request are not allowed on the forms

I thought they were opened again Ginnator?

they are allowed. Jeffo said so.

Oh they were sorry I haven’t Been on the forms for a While.

Im making one Real quick

Whats the name For the game

Done hope you like it

Thank you so much! This is perfect!

i can make one for you! ill be glad to make one just give me a few hours!

my work

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dang… that’s good! hello

I can do one for you @Lucas534!
I use adobe photoshop for my thumbnails.
Also can you give me some detail and show me both of the Gims you want?

Work I've done before


sure here they are just give me a sec


the game is called the sky’s the limit and it’s basically don’t look down but with items you need to collect like the keycards



Past Work:

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I can help!

past work ._.

(custom gim, but whatever)

Untitled image (10)

Untitled image (9)

that’s it I guess… : |