Thumbnail request for my game The test Chamber

I am working on a new game called The test Chamber and I need a thumbnail

Requirements: There needs to be 2 echo agents, 1 vortex agent, and a yellow axle gim but the axle looks demonic the agents have the axle locked in a room and are looking at him through a glass window
then just put the name, my credits, and your credits


they are also in a lab btw

So many thumbnail requests these days…


its a popular subject I guess

I’ll get that turned out soon! I hope you don’t mind if it’s mostly pixelated, I do best with pixel art.


ok that’s fine ‘’‘’’

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I can make one!

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ok ill be offline for awhile

I can also make one. I need a day or two, though.


that’s ok I can wait

I can make one by Friday.
I’d love to make the thumbnail I’m just a little busy recently

not a problem there is no specific time I need it

that’s sus
idk man this sounds kinda violent
also vortex and echo agents are friends now?

if I have time i’ll make one later this week.

I made your thumbnail! What do you think?


he’s uhm… evil, think of the agents as an exorcist or something

@SnoopyOTG do you prefer photoshop or hand drawn?

ah yes because that is totally relevant.

amazing thumbnail

do you want me to credit you?

whatever works for you is fine

:skull: why was that so hilarious :skull:

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