Thumbnail Request for my game: The Dark Sound

Hey, I need a thumbnail for my game called The Dark Sound in the Basement.

we need more details

  • Gims in thumbnail and what they are doing
  • What is the setting/background of the thumbnail

I’m calling it at one point, that someone is gonna make a guide for that, and then its gonna get flagged for some reason.

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it doesn’t matter what gim, but the setting is a house, with a very dark basement.

I really need the thumbnail!

I got you one sec i’ll make one


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THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! Can you make the words just The Dark Sound? Thanks!

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I’ll make one to test my new drawing software…

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Hey are you almost done? I need you to make the title The Dark Sound.

@AwesomeGimMaker can you please finish the thumbnail?

here ya go


Thank you so much! :innocent: :v:t2:

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I can make one!
I hand draw them/digital art.
Give me a day-ish?

Ok! I already published it, but i’d love to see it!

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Searched it up but no game lol
Edit: Had to search just “Dark”

Help, I had to restart (new software) and now you’re doing it too? I have no chance…

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What software?

I showed you, the pixlr thing
it’s better for photoshop tho

I forgot lol

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