Thumbnail Request for my Cookie Clicker map

I need help with a cookie clicker thumbnail with specifically a day one gim and a carver costume gim racing towards a button and the cookie is behind them

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So the cookie is chasing them?

That’s what I thought too

no they are running towards a button and away from the cookie leaving the cookie behind

no its no chasing them

ye what he said

thanks cellofive for fixing the title

Here is mine:

I will do one real quick for refrence

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I can help >:)

low effort still ok looking

something like this but add a floor made out of metal

could’nt find a day one gim because it would just turn invisible every time I added it so just put a life saver gim

lol i gocha man

ok here you are a totally good thumbnail
2,200 (1)

oooor how about this one
2,200 (2)
i am working on another thumbnail alternative that has a different theme

I’'ll finish mine soon.


w pfp


If you use it, just make sure to credit me in the game description.

key word being The carver costume and the lifesaver

Oh you wrote Day One Gim in the post. Should I change it?