Thumbnail request for gimkart 10

Hi people it is I, @Tobias7454744745 again and today I need a thumbnail for gimkart 10 details:
:brown_circle:The background is just blue skys
:brown_circle:There is a billboard
:brown_circle:The billboard has gimkart 10 on it but in graffiti
:brown_circle:There are 4 gims
:brown_circle:a space rover, a barrel car, a boat kart and a magic floater bed
:brown_circle:In the space rover is The hydro (lime time) gim
:brown_circle:In the barrel kart is The experiment
:brown_circle:In the boat kart is Day one
:brown_circle:In the magic floater bed is The April fools Josh gim
If there are more details I will post them

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me! I can do it!!! please?

nvm. I can’t do it. sorry

I could do it… NOPE NVM… I cant do that-

I know, right? It is way to complicated.

In that case find me some experienced artists

it’s not that hard [1] it just requires effort. anyone can do it if they apply enough effort to it, even if it’s messy!

  1. I’m not doing it though ↩︎

I can do it for you.

Digital or Hand Drawn?

@GimGamer1 either way is okay

I can also make one.

However I prefer digital (NO AI PLEASE)

AI doesn’t know what Gimkit is.

actually chatgpt does

art AI

I just need someone to make a thumbnail… [spoiler]why do I not have a thumbnail yet.[spoiler]

Sorry I just saw what you said I will get to work.

Alright I finished:


I would add shading but that looks great!

ok, thanks for the suggestion.

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