Thumbnail Request for ColorKingdoms Battle Royal

I am making a Battle Royal Map called ColorKingdoms, It’s a red vs. blue Battle. I need about 3 gims on each side, your goal is to knock out everyone on the other team. There are power ups scattered through the map. That is all, Thanks!

How do you have so many thumbnail requests in a week? js wondering…

I got kinda a big schedule (and Im behind on my maps badly [business tycoon was supposed to be half way done by now and its not, well because of STAAR testing])

why are there due dates? it’s not a professional game (unless your making a bunch a school projects that makes sense). Also make sure the game has good quality before publishing…

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ngl this seems like its going to be off-topic


BUMPing this post

Why do you need to bump a help topic.

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Please don’t repost stuff

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Took ages but I finally finished:
Rate 1-10

I give it a 9 but I need the name color kingdoms on it. and possibly 2 castles and some knight gims?


I can do that maybe not the castle part though.

Ok that’s alright


@DDerryberry thx and ok for the poll part

I like it, as we get more thumbnails I will hold a poll

I did one.

i like that one @Bananas123

Thanks. It took me about a half hour!