Thumbnail Request For Bobby9

It’s basically a minigame with an escape room, haunted house, capture the flag, box fights, a maze and a race. Also it is not a platformer. Take as much time as you want. :slight_smile:

So the escape room, you have to escape from your dad. In the haunted house, you are dreaming and you have to get out or you will never wake up again. Capture the flag is red versus blue. The Box Fight is in a room with offices. The maze is kind of like a labyrinth. And the race is through a dungeon. That is my mini game.

I might do it but I’m not good at this stuff and if I give up I will just say I give up

ok take as much time

should I show that the character sleeping or not?

in wich game mode are you talking about

should I just show all the game modes at once?

yes please. i would love that. also, do you know how to put the thumbnail in the game?

@Bobby9 sorry I don’t think I can all these

you are not aloud to repost for the same thumbnail

ok no problem. if you want do whatever you want in the thumbnail but still representing my game

ok thank you for telling me

don’t do it again @Bobby9 before you get in trouble

ok ian990789
i understand

thanks i got in trouble once for it so try not to

can you make me the thumbnail or not

i can make one i made some before

take as much time. it could be in a week or a month. i don’t care.

also, can you tell me how to make thumbnails?

i got to go, bye bye