Thumbnail request for Block wars based game

So I make my thumbnails. But this time I’m completely out of ideas for a thumbnail.
Could anyone try to make one? This is a game based on Block Wars.
Nothing you can just freestyle as long as its related to block wars
The title is Build Battle (I know lame title)

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what. is block wars? I can’t find it on my Chromebook for some reason…

we need what’s going on and what block wars is for everyone who is on chromebooks and can’t use google

Oh ok.
Blocks wars is kinda like a game where you try to go score on the other team’s pit, on the other side of the map, and you use weapons to try to stop enmy players from scoring on your pit.

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Bro you can’t use Google :skull:

hmm… i’ll try maybe. (do forgive if the final result may be a bit bad i’m kinda new to art lmao)

I can. I just can’t find block wars for some reason. :confused:

Ok that’d be appreciated

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so kinda like ground quidditch but instead of a hoop its a pit?

wdym by that

Yeah kinda like that

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a lot of chromebooks have blocks against what it thinks is a game

I guess I’ll just make myself one… although I’m out of ideas :l

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block wars is a Minecraft minigame